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Share better stories. Inspire bigger audiences. Serve even more people in a meaningful way.

This is a capacity-building opportunity for nonprofits of all sizes! We know how tough it can be for nonprofits to find ways to cut through the noise. Facing global uncertainty and an ongoing pandemic, too many nonprofits are struggling to overcome funding challenges, reach donors, and keep your doors open in the first place.

This grant helps you do just that. Our storytelling experts produce a clear, concise, and compelling vision for how you're helping people through this crisis and beyond.

As a DCTV grantee, you get valuable benefits:

  • new professionally produced videos to tell your compelling story of impact
  • self-guided and expert-led virtual training to help you develop your media tactics and strategy
  • workshop and partnership opportunities with a dedicated group of nonprofit leaders like you

The grant application is easy and straightforward, and the grant provides incredible value for the minimal required match. This is a unique grant program that provides media services, not a financial award.

Watch this quick video to learn more:

Read more about the benefits of being a grantee. There is a minimal matching funds requirement which supports the administration of the grant program. It represents a tiny percentage of the operating budget of our professional television studio.

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Thursday, May 26, 2022, 1 - 2 pm

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Have questions? Check out our FAQ!

DCTV Capacity Building Grant FAQs

DCTV Application Reference Guide

The DCTV capacity building grant program offers eligible nonprofits an array of benefits that build organizational communications and storytelling capability and provides an ongoing presence on cable television. We designed these grants to offer training and expert guidance to the nonprofit community, which enables you to robustly expand your impact within the DC community.

“Grant Level” is the amount of money your organization contributes to receive the grant. The grant term is initially one year and requires a very small organizational match. DCTV will provide documentation so that you can appropriately record “in-kind” services in your financial records. Grants may be extended or renewed with DCTV approval.