Nonprofit Capacity Grant Benefits

Boost Your Message and Your Mission

This grant helps nonprofit organizations of all sizes and budgets tell better stories to reach more supporters. We'll help you build your communications capacity, improve your media strategy, and increase your reach!

COMPELLING VIDEOS DCTV media experts will create professionally produced videos that tell engaging stories about how your nonprofit improves the lives of DC residents. We will interview your people and film your programs to focus on the issues that matter most to our city. You’ll have the chance to air your own pre-packaged PSAs on DCTV channels, too!

VALUABLE TRAINING Through engaging workshops, you will learn creative and effective strategies to reach more donors and clients. The grant provides access to a digital learning library for self-guided instruction as well as regular opportunities to join workshops led by expert coaches.

COLLECTIVE IMPACT “If you want to run fast, go alone. If you want to run far, go together.” We’ll connect you with an engaged group of leadership peers at local nonprofits so you can increase your impact and better serve your communities. Collectively, we’ll discover better ways to share your story, scale your impact, and increase your revenue.


The application is easy and straightforward, and the grant provides incredible value for the minimal required match. This is an innovative grant program that does not provide a financial award; instead, the unique structure provides valuable media capacity services to boost your message and your mission.

The Perfect Grant, Tailored to Your Needs

You have the opportunity to apply for this grant at three customized levels to align with your budget and the benefits your organization wants to receive.
Grant Value $10,000-$25,000 $25,000-$35,000 $35,000-$70,000
Match Amount DC-based: $750
Outside DC: $1,000
DC-based: $1,250
Outside DC: $1,750
DC-based: $2,500
Outside DC: $3,500

Download a PDF of the Grant Benefits HERE


The DCTV capacity building grant program offers eligible nonprofits an array of benefits that build organizational communications and storytelling capability and provides an ongoing presence on cable television. We designed these grants to offer training and expert guidance to the nonprofit community, which enables you to robustly expand your impact within the DC community.

“Grant Level” is the amount of money your organization contributes to receive the grant. The grant term is initially one year and requires a very small organizational match. DCTV will provide documentation so that you can appropriately record “in-kind” services in your financial records. Grants may be extended or renewed with DCTV approval.