Youth Media Network

Future media makers unite!

Want to be heard? The Youth Media Network (YMN) at DCTV empowers youth voices by providing the curriculum, training, and resources to educate and help create the next generation of media makers.

Spark curiosity. Build confidence. Foster teamwork.

YMN was created to give young people in the DC Metro area the opportunity and space to learn, understand, and work together to create media that makes a positive impact.

YMN empowers youth voices by providing forums for expression, which includes the development and production of programs that help them become engaged in our community through creative expression and various uses of media.

YMN benefits:

If you are interested in creating media to express yourself, YMN is a smart place to start. Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Media literacy

  • Access to DCTV resources (field cameras, studios, editing)

  • Hands-on, real-world training and mentoring from industry professionals

  • Peer-to-peer training opportunities

  • School credit, service learning hours, volunteering hours or community service hours

Looking for a youth program that focuses on how to produce tv shows, videos, documentaries, video blogs, etc.?

DCTV is also available to create customized training programs for organizations that serve youth of any age. We can design hands-on, project-based activities that provide students an opportunity to produce a project, while also learning about media production and media literacy. The final product could be a short documentary, a public service announcement or any other media project desired by the nonprofit.


Interning at DCTV gives students the opportunity to further develop professional and practical skills in areas like production, editing, graphic design and information technology. Our internship program provides students with work experience that complements their education, while developing the real world skills needed to pursue employment in the media industry. Learn more.

The DCTV capacity building grant program offers eligible nonprofits an array of benefits that build organizational communications and storytelling capability and provides an ongoing presence on cable television. We designed these grants to offer training and expert guidance to the nonprofit community, which enables you to robustly expand your impact within the DC community.

“Grant Level” is the amount of money your organization contributes to receive the grant. The grant term is initially one year and requires a very small organizational match. DCTV will provide documentation so that you can appropriately record “in-kind” services in your financial records. Grants may be extended or renewed with DCTV approval.